Family of Four Freaks-out at "Frogs"
Found Frolicking in Family Area

Southern California - July 2, 1995

Pandemonium ensued Sunday night at a California home when Alexandra, Age 8, discovered two large toads in the family's living room around 8:30 in the evening. The "Lady of the House" Mrs. F (who prefers to remain anonymous) was quoted as saying "I was working on the computer in the office when Alexi started shouting about giant toads in the living room . . . I thought she was kidding."

The entire family, except Tasha, age four, who was in the bathtub, congregated in the living-room to view the spectacle. "We told Alexi to get a net while I kept an eye on the massive pile of toad hoping it wouldn't get behind the book case." Said Mrs. F. "After I put it in the net, I asked Alexi where the other one was and it was then that we realized they were . . . uh . . . bound . . . together".

Toads around the F''s household are not all that unusual considering they have three woman-made ponds at their modest suburban residence. "We've imported pollywogs from the local park in past years and had hoped some might stick around" said Mrs. F "but we never expected that they would migrate through the house, or copulate on the carpet for that matter".

The trysting toads were deposited in the largest of the family's fish ponds. "We used flashlights to watch them swim around still stuck together . . Tasha had gotten out of the bathtub and was running around the backyard naked and shrieking. I'm surprised the police weren't called in" commented Mrs. F. As would be expected, there is a new batch of tadpoles predicted to hatch in the next week or so. Mrs. F said she will spend Monday refitting some damaged cat and dog doors in hopes of keeping the future generations of toads OUTSIDE.

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