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As the daughter of an amatuer photographer and the grand-daughter of an painter, it was inevitable that I become a photographer. My studies have included attending San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco, The Academy of Art College (SF), and graduating from the California State University in San Bernardino with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography. I have completed an internship program with the California Museum of Photography at the University of California, Riverside. I am now working at the Mission Inn Foundation and Museum as the Director of Marketing.

   We went to Yosemite in Spring of 1996. The weather was rather nasty, raining, hailing, even thunder and lightning. However, later that night it started snowing. When we woke in the morning, the snow had frosted over everything and these pictures, April in Yosemite, are the best of what I shot that morning.

   Periodically, I dig through my archives and find individual pictures that don't quite fit into a particular series. Take a journey through my Old Favorites and see what catches my eye.

   I started gardening in 1989 in order to have something to photograph when my children were small and it was hard to get away. Now I enjoy gardening for it's own sake the photos I get from it are an added bonus. Go Through my Garden Gate and see what's on the other side.

   This was my first major project using my Omega 45D View Camera. View these photos of Fort Point in San Francisco and see what remains of our coastal defense.

 While taking a class at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, I turned in a selection of photos for a midterm assignment. No, these aren't them because the teacher gave me a "D" on the assignment. Determined to do better job, I spent the night in The Hills Above San Jose where my brother lived in a stable near an abandoned fruit orchard. I got up at 5AM to shoot this porfolio which I eventually recieved an "A" on.

Florence Lake, high in the Sierras over the Kaiser Pass, was our destination for a camping and canoeing trip in August '98. As one of the more remote places in this state, it was a long, challenging trip over a winding one-lane road -- but well worth it.

My parents first took us to Fish Lake when I was about 12 years old. I still remember it as the best summer of my life. While my folks never took us back, my husband and I are now making an annual trek there to take our kids. I won't tell you which Fish Lake it is (there are many) or how to get there, but I hope you can find your own Fish Lake too.

We've been going to Tahoe with friends for the last 15 years and it never fails to impress me with its breathtaking beauty. Our trip in May'98 was no exception. These most recent photos of Lake Tahoe are just a fraction of what I have shot over the years.


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