What's new in the DarkRoom?

In June2000, I finally graduated from college. (Check out this "official" photo of the happy grad.) In order to complete my Senior Project, I had to dig through my archives to make slides of my work. Here you will find some find very old projects as well as some very recent ones. Previous projects displayed here have been moved to the Portfolios section.

In January 2002, we purchased a vintage Airstream trailer over the internet. Read about the renovation process and the joys of the Airstream lifestyle.

Andrew, my godson was just a couple of weeks old when I told my photo teacher that I wanted to shoot baby pictures for my next portfolo. These are the ten photos of a very special kid that changed that very skeptical teacher.

In order to get a degree in photography, you can't just take photo classes. Here's a sample of other art work that I created in other mediums including drawing, printmaking, life drawing, painting, visual composition and color & light.

After wishing and hoping and looking for a long time, we've finally bought our dreamhouse, a 100 year-old "four-square" in a historic district of downtown Riverside. Check back soon to see how the renovation and restoration process is going.



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